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Streaming and Video Reserves

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Video materials placed on reserve for Princeton courses can be made available to students of the course via our streaming video service as well as physical reserve in the Video Services facility.

Assigned audio and video materials can be accessed through your Canvas course page and are made available only to the participants of the course and for the duration of the course. Streaming video is also restricted to computers registered on the campus network. Videos may stream properly over wireless but good performance cannot be guaranteed. For best performance, please connect to the campus network with an Ethernet cable or use a campus cluster computer. To request material be digitized and placed on your Canvas course site, contact  For more information on reserving films and video streaming visit our Video Reserves page.

Creating Video Clips

We can assist you in creating video clips to show in class or add to a presentation. You might want to create several small, more manageable video clips from a DVD or VHS tape to make it easier to work within your project.

The Video Services facility has video editing software installed that will allow you to capture film clips, combine several clips into a single clip, and trim the beginning or end of a clip.  We can also assist you in creating a still image to be inserted into a document or presentation.  For more information visit our Clip Capture section.

Video/Film collection

The Video Services facility manages and circulates the bulk of the University's collection of video materials. The library provides equipment and spaces for the viewing of all common video formats from any region.

Up-to-date listings of the materials in the collection can be found in the Princeton University Library's Main Catalog. To see recently received films, select the "Recently added" tab on the left.

Converting VHS tapes to DVD

If the tape is a non-commercial, not encrypted VHS tape we can show you how to convert the film to a file and save it onto a DVD or flash drive.  A two-hour tape will take two+ hours to convert and you must remain with the tape the entire time.  If you plan on saving the file onto a DVD or flash drive you will need to bring these with you.  We do not supply DVDs. Please check our hours as they vary during the summer and holiday breaks.

Audio Recordings  Audacity

Each computer station is equipped with a headset and a built-in mic.  Audio can be recorded using Audacity, then saved and emailed or uploaded to Blackboard.  We will be happy to assist you create your audio file.  Audacity is a free download and is available for Mac, Linux and Windows OS.

Audacity Download and Instructions for Use