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Using the Receiving Macro

Problem receipts (firm orders)

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Sorting Monographic Receipts and Gifts

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Monographic Receipts Procedure

Identifying the Vendor Code

The easiest way to identify the vendor is to look at the first order you bring up for checkin. Click on the ellipsis box by the vendor code on the purchase order header. Compare the name on the vendor record to the invoice.

If the above is not successful, find the vendor code for the supplier of the shipment by searching ACQ by the vendor’s name as it appears on the invoice. (Note that vendors may have multiple codes, for example ybp and eybp for vendor YBP.

  • Select the Vendors bar from the Listbar in Acquisitions. Click on the Search Vendor icon that will display the Search Vendor quick search dialog box.

  • Select Search By field to Vendor Name from the three searching criteria options. (NOTE--the     Search By field should default to “Vendor Name” if your searching defaults are set correctly in Workflows.

  • Select the Phrase button from the choices of Equal, greater, less, and Phrase. The Phrase search is equivalent to a keyword search of the Vendor Name index.

  • Enter a free-text search of one or more words from the supplier’s name in the Search For field and click on Search to execute your search.

  • Look at any matching record(s) retrieved and verify that it matches your invoice by checking the name and address information (click Addresses icon to display addresses).

  • Record the vendor code on the invoice or the “Material Received Without Invoice” form and close the vendor record.

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