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LC Copy Guidelines

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Monographic Receipts
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Using the Receiving Macro

Problem receipts (firm orders)

RWI Form (MS Word)

Sorting Monographic Receipts and Gifts

EDI Firm Order Invoices

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Monographic Receipts Procedure

Item Creation


Printing a Label 

A printout is needed to accompany the receipt whether on its way to be catalogued, shelved in a “hold” location prior to cataloging, or sorted to any other destination (i.e. Circ, selectors for decision, etc.) The Print Label command in the Cat module produces a printout that contains a brief description and an Item number that can be used to track material whether it has been barcoded or not.

  • From the saved Item screen (it should have an item number instead of “new item”), go up to the File Menu and select Print Label. This will display the Print Labels screen

  • Leave both the “Print Spine Label” and “Print Piece Label” boxes checked  (Make sure that the label contains the Item ID #  needed for control purposes). If this title had processing instructions such as “Circ for… “ or “UNCAT for… “  you can type or paste this info right into the label on a new line after the last line of the label. IMPORTANT! Do not leave any space between the lines --this will prevent the info from printing the process notes.

  • Click the Print button – “Labels printed successfully!” message –Click OK and close all windows.

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