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Monographic Receipts
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Using the Receiving Macro

Problem receipts (firm orders)

RWI Form (MS Word)

Sorting Monographic Receipts and Gifts

EDI Firm Order Invoices

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Monographic Receipts Procedure

Receiving monographs (with an Invoice)

NOTE –Voyager will only allow you to receive approved  POs]

  • Once verifying that the item in hand matches what was ordered (or editing a brief record to match the item received) you are ready to receive.

  • Highlight the line to activate the Recv/Mark  button at the bottom of the screen. Click the Recv/Mark button to open the Receive/Mark box (below) that shows the tree display in 3 lines: Title, Location, Copy Number. 

  • If only one copy was ordered, you can click into the box on any line to activate the Receive button (NOTE: receiving multiple copies requires that you click the Copy Number box for each copy being received). Clicking the Receive button changes the item status from Approved   to Received.

  • If a Requestor  note was entered in the Item Line Defaults box, that message will pop up immediately upon clicking the Receive button(providing the processing instructions that were seen earlier in the Requestor field of the Quick Line Item display). Close the Receive/Mark box after receiving and click on the MARC  button to get into the Cat module.

[Monographic Receipts Procedure]  [Checking Shipment]  [Identifying Vendor Code]  [Searching Records]  [Verifying Order]  [Invoiced Order]  [Non-invoiced Orders]  [Creating Item Record]  [Finishing Up]