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Using the Receiving Macro

Problem receipts (firm orders)

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Sorting Monographic Receipts and Gifts

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Monographic Receipts Procedure

Verifying Order & Bibliographic Information (Including LC cataloging) / Checking In

  • Check the Line Item Status before receiving. The status should say Approved and the color of the line text under Line #/Status should be green also indicating that the title has not yet been received. [If the status says Received (black text), Canceled (white text on red) or Returned (red text on white), STOP and consult supervisor.

  • Verify that the header info, especially the vendor code and the purchase order # in the record matches the invoice (if a valid po# is not already cited on the invoice then it should be written on the appropriate line of the invoice). Also check that there is not a major discrepancy between the price cited in the order and the actual price listed on the invoice. If so, STOP and consult supervisor.

  • Check the information on the line item, including fund and location. Scroll to the end of the line and check the notes field. If there are notes, click Quick Line Item Off, highlight the line and click on Details. Check both the Instructions to vendor and the Line Item note for any information that pertains to reviewing and receving the order. For example if we placed a multi-part purchase order for vol.1-2, and you have only vol.1 in hand, you may not proceed with doing a monographic receipt on the order.

  • Prior to receiving you must also verify that the bibliographic info matches the item shipped  (i.e. the correct title, imprint, edition, series etc.).  Bibliographic data can be viewed in the Cataloging module by clicking the MARC button at the bottom of the screen.

  • If the imported bib record is LC or LC-like copy (PCC copy, etc.) catalog the book at this point. Using the LC cataloging macro will also prompt you to add the item record at the same time. Quick tip : for fastest processing, at this point use the WIN-G macro to complete LC cataloging and add the item record, then use the WIN-ALT-R macro to check the book in.

  • Remember that bibliographic info of a preliminary or brief record can only be edited or added in the CAT module, however... NEVER CHANGE A FULLY CATALOGED RECORD unless you are doing LC cataloging.  If you determine that an item received does not match what was ordered or varies from the fully catalogued record, keep it with the invoice and consult your supervisor or follow the appropriate procedures for such cases.

Checking In

Receiving Monograph Orders with Invoices
Checking in Non-invoiced Monograph Orders

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