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Procedures for Credit Card Invoices

Part 1: Invoices/Receipts from supplier.

  • Shipments paid by credit card sometimes come with an invoice or a receipt. These must be scanned into OnBase and entered into Voyager.

  • Examine the supplier’s invoice/receipt for purchase order information. Find the purchase order by PO number, bibliographic search, or vendor name search. There should be a preexisting purchase order for the material. If you cannot locate one, contact the supervisor.

  • Check the Related Invoices tab on the order.

    • If there is an invoice entered, check to be sure that each charge has a Credit Card Usage adjustment so that the Total Invoice Amount is zero. Mark the invoice as VISA, date it and file it in the VISA folder.

    • If there is no invoice entered, make a photocopy. Enter the invoice following the above guidelines. Put the photocopy, marked with vendor code and VID, in the Internal Payment/$0 rack for approval. Mark the original copy as VISA and file it in the VISA folder.

Part 2: Credit Card Statements

Immediately upon receiving a statement, create an invoice header. Use the invoice date plus the account holder's initials as the invoice number : for example, 011505KTF or 011505AFM.

Be sure the statement is scanned into OnBase.

Statements must be matched up against paperwork and online records.

  • Match up the charges on the statement with the paperwork filed in the VISA folder. Make sure you have an invoice or receipt for each line of the statement.

  • Enter the statement as an invoice under PNCVISA. This invoice will actually process the charges against the funds, and so should not be zeroed out by credit card usage adjustments.

    • Attach each line by PO number with all charges and any adjustments except shipping. Make sure the line total matches exactly.

    • As you enter each line, keep a running total of the shipping charges. The total shipping should be entered under “Other charges” on the Invoice header
    • As you enter each line, be aware of any orders that will need to be cancelled. These will have line item notes with instructions to notify Carol when the line is processed.

Part 3 : Approving Credit Card invoices

  • Check the statement to be sure entries look valid and that the totlas are correct.
  • In the invoice Footer, enter CreditCard in the Check number field; in the Expenditure date enter today's date.
  • Approve the invoice and print the voucher.
  • Enter the VID into OnBase
  • Return the statement, documentation and the voucher tot he staff member who entered the statement for filing.