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Processing Prepays


  • Prepayment by check, bank draft or wire transfer:

1. Include vendor note "Prepayment accompanies order" along with any other appropriate vendor instructions.

2. Place citation in the "Special orders" basket until printed, clearly indicating that it is a Prepay order.

3. Printed order and any other paperwork such as order forms are delivered to the Prepays basket located in the Invoice unit.

4. When receiving an item that was prepaid, fill out the Received Without Invoice or Prepaid Material form. Attach it to any packing slip or invoice that accompanied the item and deliver to the fully funded basket in invoice unit.

  • Prepayment by Visa

1. Include charge information in the line item note "VISA [year][month]" (for example, VISA 2005 SEP). You may also need to provide additional information such as online order confirmation number, bookseller's name, etc.

2. Place a printout including the order information (PO number, Vendor code, VISA, order date and your initials) in the Visa file under the appropriate monthly folder.


Note : This procedure applies to both new orders to be prepaid, and to proforma invoices that are sent to us as a result of pre-existing orders.

The unit head takes the invoice from the prepay basket and determines what treatment is needed (check, bank draft, wire transfer, etc).

1. If we have an invoice in hand, use it to create the Voyager invoice, following instructions in Monographic Invoices. If this is a prepaid order without any print invoice in hand,the purchase order number and date will also be used for the invoice number and date.

2. Put a line item note "Prepayment (date)" and an invoice note "Walking down for check (date)"

3. Highlight the line on the invoice, go to the Detail display, Notes tab. Copy the note from step 2 to the purchase order line item note.

4. If a new vendor or vendor address adjustment is needed, red tag the invoice after inputting, and put it in the New Vendor basket. Designated staff request institution id information and hold the invoice in a folder in the To Be Paid rack awaiting the answer.

5. When /if the vendor record is ready, the invoice is approved (or the process of paying in foreign currency is initiated) and the Walk Down form filled out. All paperwork is put in the appropriate folder of the To Be Paid rack.

6. If payment is by check or bank draft, the order and invoice is mailed with the payment when it comes back from Accounts Payable. We receive no confirmation for wire transfers ; while they are entered in Data Mall they are often delayed. We will notify the vendor when a wire transfer goes through.