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Processing Monographic Invoices For Received Items

Check price information

9. Check each line of the invoice to confirm that the price listed online is correct by clicking in the Price (Adjustments) field.  If any changes need to be made, highlight the line, click on Details and open the Price tab. Click on Add, Edit or Remove to add or fix adjustments

Each line of the Adjustment can be used for only one adjustment.  If more that one adjustment is needed click on the Add  button.  Discounts can be added as either a percentage or a dollar amount.  Choose the form that works most easily. [Please note that these adjustments can be done at the invoice level instead of the line item level if they apply to every line and if only one fund is being used.  This would be done by clicking on the ellipsis in the Other Charges box in the invoice header.

10. After all the lines have been adjusted check and see if the invoice total in your hand matches the total in the Total Invoice Amount box in the invoice header. If they match, then type that amount in the Amount box in the invoice header.

11. At this point do a quick double check of the information on the invoice. Be sure that the status on all lines is “received”.  If everything is fine, write the VID number on the invoice and click on the Save and close button.

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