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Processing Monographic Invoices For Received Items

Search for a pre-existing invoice record

1. Choose Search Invoices icon in the Invoices tab of the List Bar.       

Search By Invoice Number
Condition equal
Search For type in invoice number with? as truncation.

2. If there is a match (invoice number, date and vendor) go to step 9.

If there is no match, pull up the first order on the invoice: Choose Search Orders icon in the Orders tab of the List Bar.     

Search By PO number
Condition equal
Search For type in PO number

Check the Related Invoices tab on the purchase order to see if the item has already been invoiced.

Lacking a PO number to search by, search for the order by bibliographic information.

Verify the Vendor address information.

3. On the PO, click on the ellipsis by the vendor code. Examine the Vendor window that comes up and see if it matches the invoice.  If it does, check the payment address information to confirm that you have the correct vendor. Any address problem should be referred to a supervisor. Check to see that there is an institution ID with a sequence number. Check the accounts tab to verify the correct account name for the account number printed on the invoice. Be sure that the correct vendor code is written on the invoice.

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