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Processing Monographic Invoices For Received Items

Create a new record and append invoice lines

4. Go to Order menu>Create Invoice.  

Alternate method : Click on the New invoice icon in the Invoices tab on the list bar. Fill in the appropriate fields:

Invoice Number from printed invoice, without punctuation
Invoice Date   Click on the ellipsis and navigate to the appropriate date on the calendar that matches the date printed on the invoice
Vendor Code Prompted from PO, or enter code found in step 3.
Account Select the account verified in step 3 from the drop-down
Currency Prompted from PO, or, select the appropriate currency code to match the invoice

Click on the Save.

5. Click on the Add Line from Order button.

In the Find Purchase Order window,

Search By Purchase Order
Condition  equal
Search For enter purchase order number

6. Highlight the line in the search result that matches your purchase order number. Click on Display Line Items. Find the appropriate line and check the Title field to confirm that it matches the invoice.

7. If the order line matches the invoice, highlight the box to the left of the title it and click on the Append button at the bottom of the window.

8. Check the title and price information displayed.  If it is correct then click on Save. Repeat steps 5-8 for every line that you intend to append to the invoice. Once you have appended all of the order lines to the invoice click on the Close button on the Find Purchase Order window.

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