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Processing Deposit Account Invoices

I. Basic procedure

  • The initial deposit is made by linking an order for the appropriate vendor to bib record 3249617 (title Deposit Account Payment). The order should be approved but not received so that it can be used for future payments as well. Check for the order linked to the vendor for the invoice or deposit request in hand.

  • If you have an invoice in hand, process normally by creating the invoice from the purchase order and making necessary changes. If you are creating the invoice as a result of a vendor e-mail requesting a deposit, use the date of the e-mail for the invoice date.

  • If you do not have an invoice, create the invoice using an invoice number "Deposit#" where # is a sequential number for that particular vendor (for example : invoice number Deposit1.)

  • Process invoice normally for payment

II. Processing Invoices sent against deposit accounts

Invoices that include items sent against purchase orders must receive special handling to ensure that money is charged to the correct fund on the purchase orders. Some invoices are combinations of approval items for one fund and purchase orders charged against other funds.

  • Create approval purchase order, if necessary, using the fund that made the initial deposit.

  • Create an invoice by whatever means seems most efficient, given the combination of purchase orders and approval items. Be sure to choose the account "Deposit account" in the header.

  • All lines on the invoice should be charged to the appropriate subject fund for the title, regardless of the fund that paid the initial deposit. Any lines sent against purchase order should use the fund to which the purchase order is linked.

  • For each line on the invoice, add any necessary adjustments for discounts.

  • Add shipping to the header, if necessary, using the normal shipping fund. Add "Deposit account usage" credit to the header , equal to the total amount of the invoice, crediting the fund that paid the initial deposit.

  • To finish, be sure that the invoice amount and total cost are both 0. Put in the zero dollar rack for approval.

C. Supervisors or designated personnel only:

Supervisor verifies invoice information and approves these invoices in a separate batch. They will be printed but not sent for payment.

D. Processing deposit account returns or deductions

Credit lines as necessary to create $0 lines. For returns, follow normal returns procedures. The deposit account payment adjustment in the header should reflect the deduction (that is , for a $100 invoice with a $25 deduction, the deposit account payment adjustment should be $75)