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Processing Firm Order EDI Invoices and other Preloaded invoices


Invoices are preloaded into the system as they become available. All firm order invoices are coded for the vendor code used for EDI orders - for example, EHARR but not HARR. However the orders on the invoice may be either EDI orders or printed orders. The system should successfully load all lines with the correct vendor code, but will load as Unlinked any line with the incorrect vendor code or that lacks an order with a status of approved. Thus orders for multipart sets, for example, probably load as unlinked lines.

Receiving staff check the "related invoices" tab on orders for EDI vendors; if there is no invoice attached, they search by invoice number to see if the invoice has been loaded. They make necessary edits to loaded invoices and pass them on to Invoice unit for final processing. Unloaded invoices for EDI vendors must be given to Carol to check for files.

Our aim in this procedure is to pay EDI invoices as quickly as possible, since the vendor is providing us with a service that saves us time and effort. Most of these vendors also supply invoices for Continuations.

Procedure for Receiving Staff


All shipments from the above vendors should have an invoice pre-loaded into Voyager. Check the Related Invoices tab on the first order, or the Payment history tab on the first line item, to bring up the invoice. Highlight the invoice number and click on the Invoice button. If you don't see your invoice, do a search for invoices by invoice number.

Receive each book on the shipment and check for any unlinked lines; link them using the Relink button at the bottom left corner of the invoice.

When everything on the invoice has been received, write the Voucher ID number and the vendor code on the invoice. Put a note in the invoice header note "Sent to Inv unit [your initials, date]" (for example , YBP VID 38819) and deliver it to the Priority invoices basket.

If there is a problem on the invoice and you are passing it on to someone for resolution , put a note to that effect (for example, "Line 3 dup, to HAF probelm shelf 2011-06-23 dls"). We should always be able to track where the invoice is in processing.

If any invoice fron an EDI vendor listed above is not in Voyager when you process the receipts, do not input the invoice or give it to Invoice unit. It must be given to Carol to check for a file to load.

Procedures for Invoicing Staff

Designated staff member in invoice unit checks the Priority invoices basket basket daily and double checks the invoice for completeness. Typically some edits such as shipping charges,deposit account charges, etc. must be added or edited. When finished, add to invoice level note "to rack [you initials, date] and put the invoice in the rack to be approved. Any invoices you encounter that are not yet loaded should be forwarded to Carol.