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Processing invoices/vouchers

1. Check vendor record for

  • Presence of institutional ID

  • Payment address matching invoice (any changes need to be reported to Accounts Payable before approving the voucher)

2. Call up invoice by Invoice number or some other method.  Check the following:

  • Invoice number

  • Invoice date

  • Amount / Total Invoice Amount must match

  • Currency

  • Titles match

  • Number of invoice lines match

3. Approve for payment:

  • Click on Approve

  • Do NOT print voucher

4. Run reporter

  • Set default printer to high-speed printer

  • Open Reporter

  • Check off “process notices” only. Do not check off “process reports”

  • Build notices. Be sure number of notices matches number of invoices in hand

  • Run notices (print)

5. Email file to AFMiller with subject line “Acqnotes – date - #”. File to be sent should be in C:\voyager\reporter\acqnotes.mdb on the hard drive of the PC where the report was built.

6. Give vouchers and invoices to AFMiller – he will return after receiving confirmation that file was received.  If there are non-1000 funds on any invoices, be sure to notify AFMiller.