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Processing Returns Letters

This procedure applies only to Approval returns and Monographic order returns for which no future volumes are expected.  Once a line item in marked as a return it is no longer an open order.  Continuations or orders against which we expect a future receipt cannot have a return processed against them.

Processing returns is a process in several steps, which may be accomplished by one or several people.

  • Add lines for returned items to invoice and mark for Return.

  • Generate the return of marked lines

  • Run reporter to actually print the returns letter

To generate a returns letter for a specific item or items, choose a time when the print queue is clear of other returns. Any returns generated for a specific vendor will be in the print queue until Reporter is run. They will all appear on the same returns letter, whether they were marked at the same time or separately. This means it is important to batch the returns that you want to process at any one time, and it is important to choose printing time carefully.

In addition, returns print out of the same Reporter run that processes Vouchers, Cancellations and Claims. If you do not need the returns letter immediately, you may simply generate the returns letter and allow it to print up the next time vouchers are run.

If you need to print the letter immediately for any reason, check with Art and Carol to be sure you are not interfering with other reports processing

Follow the approval returns shipping ticket procedure for approvals. For firm orders put the books, invoice and letter on the secretaries' returns shelves.

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