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Searching for Invoices in Acquisitions

Simple searching

Quick Search: The quick search allows you to search by one term only; for example, invoice number, vendor, PO number, etc.

1. Click on the Invoices tab in the List Bar and then click on the Search Invoices icon.

2.  In the Search By box, click on the down arrow and highlight the index you wish to use. You may also type in the first letter of the index name (for example, V for vendor name, another V for voucher number, another V for vendor code).

3. The condition Equal will prompt; change if necessary. Possible conditions are dependent on the index you chose in Search By. For dates, “greater” means later and “less” means earlier; for alphabetical searches “greater” follows alphabetically and “less” precedes alphabetically.

4. Click on the Search for box.  If a down arrow appears to the right of the box, the index you have chosen is a controlled search. Highlight one of the choices in the drop down and the search will automatically be done.  If an arrow does not appear, it is a free text search. Type the text in the Search For box and click on the Search button.

The following indexes are valid for invoice searches (* indicates a free-text search)

Invoice number*  Ledger name* Bib Record number*
PO number* Status        Expenditure date
Vendor name*  Status date               Check no.*
Voucher no.*  Invoice date  Invoice note*
Vendor code*  Bill to location  Line item note*
Fund name*   Currency code Operator ID*  
Fund code*  Bibliographic info Create date    

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