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Processing Subscription EDI Invoices


Invoices are loaded into the system as they become available, The system should successfully load all lines with the correct vendor code but will load as Unlinked any line with the incorrect vendor code or that does not have a valid status (for example, a completed order). In addition, new titles that lack a vendor title number in the Voyager record will not automatically link.

Many unlinked lines are linked up before the invoice is forwarded to staff for processing. In addition, any general problems that can be seen by looking at the full invoice rather than opening the lines may be noted for correction. For example, lines with standing order fund codes rather than subscription are obvious when looking at the invoice.

Subscription invoices are a HIGH PRIORITY assignment as a delay in processing may not only result in additional charges, but may result in a broken subscription. Thus it is crucial that we track invoices that have not yet been approved.

Procedure for Invoice unit staff

All staff in the Invoice unit will receive notification via email, return receipt requested, when new EDI subscription invoices are loaded into Voyager. Upon receivng the email take the following steps:

  • Send a return receipt on the notification email.
  • Navigate to the Tsserver/Invoice documentation/Tracking invoice info folder.
  • Open up the spreadsheet called "Serial EDI invoice loads"
  • Identify the oldest unassigned invoice and put your initials and the date in the assigned to/assigned date columns. Save and close the spreadsheet.
  • Select only one invoice at a time and complete that before picking another invoice.
  • Immediately upon selecting the invoice, go to Voyager and update the bill to field and save the invoice. Check the properties tab to be sure your initials and the date display.
  • Follow standard instructions for checking each line of the invoice. If you come across any records you think should be closed, email Carol or Heidi. For example, you may see a line that linked to an old order for which there has been a title change and a new order created.
  • When the invoice is ready for payment, notify and cc fagundus@princeton edu.
  • Fill in the Finish date column on the spreadsheet and select the next invoice to process. Save and close the spreadsheet.

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