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MCS-like packages

Issuing body Check-in Title PO number Check-in element Notes
ACM (Association for Computing machinery) ACM publications package 1CNS6630 ACM order number, verso of title page MCS-like package
American Enterprise Institute Publications (American Enterprise Institute) 1CNT5751   MCS-like package. Current distributor Publisher Resources, Inc.
ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Symposia and Proceedings plan 2 1CNT5704   MCS-like package
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Abstracts of papers presented at the ... meeting on ... 1CMU8631 number on piece Papers from various meetings held at the laboratory. Most add to cataloged serials
Conference Board Conference Board report 1CLG5896   Comes without invoice. Some add to cataloged sets or serials
Council of Europe Council of Europe publications 78949 ISBN Monographic series type treatment- create separate bib records or add to sets or serials
Price WaterhouseCoopers Doing business and investing in... 1CNS7529 non-predictive. Type in complete name of issue Not a series. Blanket monograph publications. Uncat to PF
Human Rights Watch Human Rights Watch monographs 61833   MCS-like package
Huntington Library Huntington Library publications   Bib ID of record created Not a series. Blanket monograph publications
IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers) IEEE Conference Records and Digests 1CMU5852   MCS-like package. SOme add to serials
OECD OECD publications 54334   Many available as full text online. Claim paper issues only once. Do not reclaim if available online and 856 present in the catalog record). Update 856 as needed and remove from check-in queue
OPEC Fund for International Development   gift    No PO except for some serials, which check in. Create bibs for monographs, cat for F
Publisher resources       see American Enterprise Institute
Rand Publications       Come without invoices. Check in under various records, see below
  MR (Rand Corporation) 1CLZ5149 MR#  
  MG (Rand Corporation) 182411 MG# MCS-like
  Documented briefing 1CMG6927 DB#  
  Conference Proceedings (Rand Corporation)   CF# or CP#  
  Dissertation (Rand Graduate School) 1CNK4633    
  P (Rand Corporation) 2ACP6844 P# Adds to serial
  Rand issue paper 1AEG5978 IP# Adds to serial
  Rand research brief 1CNT5258 RB# uncat to SF
  Rand review 1CHF0328 RR# Adds to serial
  Selectd Rand Abstracts 1ACP9775,2ACP9775, 3ACP9775   Adds to serial
  Testimony (Rand Corporation) 149465    
  TR (Rand Corporation) 182574   MCS-like
  White paper (Rand Corporation) 137781    
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