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Title Changes in Voyager

Acquisitions module

  1. Bring up the purchase order for the former title. Go to Order menu>Copy order>Without components re-linked. Be sure all fields are filled in on the header including ship to, bill to , etc.

  2. Delete the line item for the old title; then add the new title using Line item menu>Add>By Bib ID (or ALT-L-A-D). Highlight the line, click on Quick Line Item On, and click on Details. Fill out, using the location and fund from the old order.

  3. Click Quick line item off, click on Details, and then on the Notes tab. The Note should read "title change, contís (former title voyager p.o.) date and initials" , i.e. title change, contís 1ADW5463 11/00 haf. Save and approve the purchase order (be sure not to print it).

  4. Update the old purchase order line item note with the message "title change, contíd by (new voyager p.o.) date and initials" i.e. "title change, contíd by 82200 2003-07-21 haf." Save and close the old purchase order.

  5. Close the old pattern and put the same information in the pop-up note.

  6. Process the issues in hand:

    Create the component on the new order and select and attach the appropriate pattern as usual.

    For Periodicals:
    Check in the issue(s) in hand; make sure that all issues for both titles are accounted for (be sure to ask for help if there are missing issues that we need to deal with); and in the History, click on the receipt(s) and suppress from the OPAC display.

    (remember: these issues are going to cataloging for further processing, they are not going unbound to the location and therefore should not show up in the OPAC).

    If a title is UNCAT to a location or person, please be sure that the bibliographic record is suppressed from the OPAC display and the unbound location, i.e. "uncat to systems office" is in the pop up note in check in.

     [Finishing up]

    For Binds:
    Check in the issue(s) and suppress it from the OPAC in the serials check-in history display.

    In Cataloging, create an item. Print out bibliographic records for the old and new titles. Give the piece and printouts to the appropriate Cataloging team leader to close out the old title and catalog the new title.


[Title Changes]  [Acquisitions Module]