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Intro to Acq Production Staff
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Intro to Acq Production Staff Handout
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    Approve Processing
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Acq for Selectors(WPD)
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Voyager Acquisitions: Approvals Soup to Nuts Training

Acquisitions module

  • Search for a vendor code if necessary (The appropriate code for the approval vendor record generally starts with the letters "AP-".)
  • Set appropriate defaults, especially for locations and funds.
    • Create a purchase order header, filling in all fields (be sure to use order type "approval".) If there is an across-the-board discount on the invoice, choose as appropriate "Approval" or "Deposit account" from the drop-down list on the Account button. This causes the correct discount to prompt in each line. Save the PO header to the database.
    • Add line items to the purchase order for each book being kept by using Line item>Add>By Bib ID (ALT-L-A-D). Fill in all the fields on the line items with appropriate values. Use list price. Be sure to check that all locations are correct. YOU MUST CHECK THE LOCATION WHILE THE ORDER IS PENDING.
    • Approve the purchase order; be sure to unclick "Print Purchase Order" and click "Receive on Approve" in the Approve Purchase Order dialog box. Save and close.
    • If there are any returns, create a returns purchase order. The order number should match the order number for the rest of the books, preceded by "R". For example, PO 12345 and PO R12345.

Note : A new bib record created for a returned book, such as a rejected title, or a new edition we are not keeping, must be suppressed from the catalog by clicking "Suppress from OPAC" on the bib record system tab. Such records should also have an 852 |x "Approval book returned" in the mfhd. Other books being returned as duplicates should simply be linked to the existing mfhd record.

    • The note field on each line item on the returns PO should have a note explaining the return, which is as specific as possible.

For example, "Duplicate of Micawber approval copy", "Duplicate of standing order copy", "Duplicate of copy received on firm order 12345 from BNA."

    • Approve the returns purchase order; be sure to unclick "Print Purchase Order" and also unclick "Receive on Approve" in the Approve Purchase Order dialog box. Save and close.
    • Write the vendor code and the Purchase Order number(s) on the invoice. Deliver complete invoices to the designated spot in Order Division. Deliver returns (with invoices included) to the designated spot in Order Division.

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