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Approvals Soup to Nuts Training
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Approval training checklist

Continuations Training
  Check Acq. Record
  Check Cat. Record
  Check In Item
  Add the Piece
  Add continued

Intro to Acq Production Staff
  Buttons & Icons
  Defaults & Prefs.
    Approve Processing
    Item Creation
  Interpreting PO

Intro to Acq Production Staff Handout
  Buttons & Icons
    Line Items
    Approve Processing
    Item Creation
  Interpret PO

Monographic Receipts
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  Receive Order
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Periodicals Check In
  Acquisitions Module
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Searching and Record Creation
  Creating a PO
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  Line Item Info.
  Finishing Up

Searching and Record Creation Handout
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Serials Check-in
  Issues with Components
  Issues continued
  Creating a Component
  Creating Continued

Series Checks in Voyager
  Serial Volume cont.
  Bookset etc.
  Monographic Series
  Monographic Series cont.

Series Checks in Voyager Script
  Bookset Standing Order
  Monographic Series

Acq for Selectors(WPD)
  Monographs and Funds
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Continuations Training Document

What you will be doing:

You should have both Acquisitions and Cataloging sessions open in Voyager. Sign in with the same logon.

Examine the piece in hand and any accompanying invoice, packing slip, mail label, etc. to determine that the item/s is addressed to the Serial/ Continuations Unit, Princeton University Library.

Find Record

In Acquisitions:
  • Click on the "Search Orders" icon

  • Search by "Bibliographic info"

  • Click on the ellipsis to get the search box

  • Select "title bib" or "journal title" from the drop down list

  • Type the title in the "Search for" box and click on "Do Search" button.

  • Select correct record by highlighting the line with mouse, click on OK.

  • Once the title has been put into the "Search for" box, click on "Search" box to bring up the purchase order.

  • Double click on the highlighted line or click on the "Edit" button at bottom of screen to bring up the purchase order record. (If more than one match comes up for the same title, you will need to check all of the matches, since library may actually have more than 1 standing order for the title).

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