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Searching and record creation

III. Creating a purchase order

Purchase orders are used to enter necessary information for purchasing or purchased items for the library. They may be entered to request an item (firm order, continuation) or to record the payment information for an item already received (approval).

As you all know, there are two major steps to creating a purchase order. The first is to add a bibliographic record to the database, and the second is to add the Acquisitions information, or purchase order. There are 3 steps to creating a purchase order: the creation of the header; the addition of a bibliographic line item or items; and adding the adjunct information for the line item.


While there is a remote search capability in Acquisitions, we will not be using it at this time. It does not appear to do the same kind of duplicate detection as occurs in the cataloging module. In addition, when you import a record through acquisitions, it is simply added. There is no opportunity to edit or even view it before it is saved to the database. Even if you added the record through Acquisitions, you would still have to go into cataloging to add the 904 field.

So we will need to create or import a bib record in the cataloging module and add a 904 field using Macro Express control/shift/p

In your training in cataloging you created some bibliographic records for new orders. In Acqusitions we will now create the purchase order.


A. Vendor

To create an order, you need to know the appropriate vendor code. If you know the code, go to step B. If not, if you need to search for the vendor,

  1. Click on the Vendor tab of the List Bar
  2. Click on the Search Vendors icon
  3. Search for the appropriate vendor and note down the code. Remember that the phrase search for a vendor name will search a string of characters anywhere in the vendor’s name.
  4. In the production system, if the vendor is not there, give the order to your supervisor to create a vendor record.

B. Create the Purchase order

  1. Click on the Orders tab of the List Bar
  2. Click on the New Purchase Order icon
  3. Fill in header information by tabbing from field to field. Click on the Save button on the tool bar in the upper left corner of the purchase order window.

As you are choosing options from drop down lists in your purchase order, remember you can also click on the arrow and type the first letter of your choice to select it, instead of scrolling down to your choice.

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