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Monographic Receipts in Voyager


  • The Voyager Acquisitions module allows you to receive monographic items directly from approved purchase orders and invoices as well as from the Receive/Mark tab of a line item.

  • The most efficient way to process monographic receipts is by retrieving a record by Searching Orders and receiving directly from an approved purchase order. One or more line items on the purchase order can be received using this method. The Receive/Mark tab of a line item method permits receiving copies for only one line item at a time.

  • If the line item type subscription, membership, standing order, blanket order or multi-part, and a component has been created, the Recv/Mark button will not be enabled; check-in must be done using Serials Check-in.

  • Monographic check-in is only used when all volumes requested on the order are received at the same time. If all volumes are not received at once, a component must be added and the title checked in using Serials Check-in.

  • If all copies are not received at the same time, you may use monographic check-in. Be sure to highlight only the copies being received.

Monographic Receipts Procedure

Be sure both Acquisitions and Cataloging modules are open.

Find the order

  • In Acquisitions, select Orders from the List Bar. Click on the Search Orders icon. Your Workflows defaults should be preset to Search orders By Bibliographic Info since that is the most common search. (Remember that you can still do a standard Boolean search by clicking the Search Records icon at top of window).
  • Start your search for a matching order by following the standard receipt procedure of searching by title (as cited on the title page of the piece in hand)—select the Title (BIB) index or other appropriate bibliographic search strategy.
  • Enter your search in the Search for line, click on Do search.

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