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Periodical Check in on Voyager
Training Document

Periodical Check In (Task B):

  1. First you need to check to see if the title in hand already has a component/pattern:

    Click on the Serials Check in icon (Kardex card icon); type in the title and click on the "Check in" button. If your title is not in the browse list or does not come up, it probably does not have a component/pattern. You can also check for a component/pattern from the purchase order: find the title; from the Line Item Menu on the top Task Bar, select Display and Component. If there is already a component/pattern attached, a plus sign "+" will appear to the far left of the line item in the purchase order.

  2. Check in the issue(s):
  • Select the correct title from the Browse list by clicking on it; this will bring up the check-in record for that particular copy of that particular title.

  • Review the pattern queue to make sure that the piece in hand is in the queue and matches the pattern.

  • Click on the correct issue from the queue to highlight it for check in

  • Click on the Accept button to check in the piece; this will bring up another window with a "tree structure" display; click in the box at the Copy level which will fill the upper 2 boxes of the tree structure; then click on the Receive button, which activates the "Continue" button; click on that to finish the receipt.

  • The next window which appears is where you fix the prediction for the next expected issue if the prediction is off. Then click on the Continue button, which puts you back at the original check in screen.

  • Check your work: click on the History button to look at the summary of receipt transactions, make sure everything looks good and is correct.

  • To find "Current Issues In" information, click on the Holdings button in the upper right hand corner of the History screen; click on the MARC button from the Link to Holdings window; this will bring up the MFHD in cataloging for this particular copy where current issues information is displayed. You can also find this information by checking your work in the OPAC display, do a journal title search and look at the correct record.

  • Mark the issue with the correct current issue location in the upper right hand cornr; stamp, count and sort as usual.

  • To start over with a new search, click on the Serials Check In icon to return to the main screen; click on the Start Over button and begin a new search.

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