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Series Checks in Voyager Acquisitions

Bookset Standing Order

Let’s try looking for a bookset standing order. Do a journal title search for Adams family correspondence.

We come up with no match. Now repeat the same search as a Title (Bib) search. Here we come up with one match.

Why did it match on the Title(Bib) search but not on the Journal title search? It is coded as a bookset (see leader). The journal title search is looking for the value "s" in the Bibliographic level field. Booksets are coded as "m" (multi-volume monographs) ;

Once we find the bib record, again, we click on holdings to check the volumes received, and go to the Record menu > View line items in Acquisitions to check for a standing order. This time we see the message "This title does not appear on any purchase order." So, although we own several volumes of this set, we do not have a standing order. You don’t need to look any further.


Multiple Orders for Title

If there are multiple orders in the Acquisitions database for a particular title, the display is a little different.

Let’s go back into Cataloging and do a Journal title search on Journal of abnormal child psychology. Once again, if you are looking for a specific issue, bring up the holdings record to check for it.

Now let’s go to the Record menu > View line items in Acquisitions to check for a standing order.

What sometimes happens with multiple line items is that they open a box listing the line items, then minimize it. If you look at your task bar you will see a Line item button. Click on the button to bring up the window. Notice as you scroll to the right in this box that both line item type and at least parts of the line item notes display to help you determine which record you want to look at. Here we have a single order and a subscription. Highlight one line and click on details to view more information about either order.

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