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Approvals Soup to Nuts Training
  Acquisitions Module
  Faster Method
  PO Defaults
  Approval Vendors

Approval training checklist

Continuations Training
  Check Acq. Record
  Check Cat. Record
  Check In Item
  Add the Piece
  Add continued

Intro to Acq Production Staff
  Buttons & Icons
  Defaults & Prefs.
    Approve Processing
    Item Creation
  Interpreting PO

Intro to Acq Production Staff Handout
  Buttons & Icons
    Line Items
    Approve Processing
    Item Creation
  Interpret PO

Monographic Receipts
  Find Order
  Check Order
  Receive Order
  Finishing Up

Periodicals Check In
  Acquisitions Module
  Periodicals Check-in
  Tips and Hints

Searching and Record Creation
  Creating a PO
  PO Continued
  Line Item Info.
  Finishing Up

Searching and Record Creation Handout
  Line Items Info.

Serials Check-in
  Issues with Components
  Issues continued
  Creating a Component
  Creating Continued

Series Checks in Voyager
  Serial Volume cont.
  Bookset etc.
  Monographic Series
  Monographic Series cont.

Series Checks in Voyager Script
  Bookset Standing Order
  Monographic Series

Acq for Selectors(WPD)
  Monographs and Funds
  Serialsand Mono series   Handouts

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Monographic Receipts in Voyager

Finishing Up

  • Mark the invoice with the correct vendor code, your initials, and checking off the item you have just received.

  • Mark the book in the gutter with fund and purchase order number.

  • Sort to the appropriate shelf for further processing or hold.

  • All problem receipts, accompanied by the invoice, should be held for consultation with supervisor. Put a brief note in the line item note that you are holding the problem item.

  • Before saving and closing the order, double check the line item status to be sure it was received correctly.

  • Maintain statistics on the number of titles checked in as we are not able to pull this information from Voyager.

  • When the invoice is completed, put it in the Fully Funded invoices basket.


An order received in error can be unreceived, to change its status back to Approved/Sent.

  • Delete the item record if one was added.

  • From the fully tabbed line item display, click on the Copy Status tab.

  • Highlight the Copy line level to be unreceived. The Unreceive button is activated.

  • Click on the Unreceive button and the status changes back to Approved instead of Received.

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