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Monographic Receipts in Voyager

Receive the Order (continued)

To make it easier for you to see how many copies are currently selected to be received or marked, the boxes beside the levels of the hierarchy will either be half-full (if only some of the copies are selected) or completely full (if all of the copies are selected to be received or marked.

  • After you have selected the copies that you want to receive, click the Receive button or press Alt + r on your keyboard.

  • If there is a requestor note in the record, a box will pop up to alert you to bring the book to Circulation or process it for Reserves.

Note that Status of the line item has now changed to Received.

Create the item record

Our next task is to create an item for this title so it can be forwarded to be cataloged or to the Hold.

  • Click on the Marc button to return to the bibliographic record in Cataloging. Click on Get Hldgs, then on New Items. Wand the barcode or type in the barcode number (no spaces). Affix the barcode to the book following barcode guidelines for bound and unbound books.

  • Check to see that the item type is General

  • Save the item

  • Change Item Type to Gen if necessary and wand barcode. SAVE! [Saved item record below]

  • Print a receipt slip by going to the File menu>Print label (or Alt F-L-P) . Close the dialog box.

  • Click on the Hierarchy icon. Be sure the item status says In Process. Also check to see if the book needs to be processed as an Added copy.

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