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Voyager Acquisitions
Searching and record creation - Handout

Adding the Line Item Information

  1. Be sure "Quick line item" button is ON. Use Line item menu>Add>By Bib ID (ALT-L-A-D) and key in the Bib record number for the book you are ordering.
  2. Highlight the line item and click on the Details button at the bottom of the purchase order screen. You should be able to add all of the necessary ordering information using the Quick Line Item screen.

List price - Fill in price on order

PrePay Amount - Do not use

Intended Location
- Fill in appropriate shelving location

Number of copies
- Usually 1

Link to holdings
- Leave blank unless you are ordering an ACX and want to link to a specific holdings record.

Ship to
- Leave blank

Ledger / Commit to Fund

To use fund code: Choose the appropriate Ledger from the drop-down list(690 library for training purposes) ; then type the fund code in Commit to Fund
To select the fund from the hierarchical ledger structure: Click on the yellow open folder icon. Maneuver to the appropriate reporting fund.

Line item type
- Change if needed according to posted procedures for different types of orders

Requester - Fill in if needed for reserve or circ orders

Instructions to vendor
- Fill in if needed with any instructions you wish to have print on the order.

  1. Click on Save. If there are any other fields you need to put information in, Click Line Item information OFF, click on details and select the appropriate tab. To close the record without approving it, click on Save and Close.

To Approve

Click on the approve button at the top of the screen. Be sure appropriate choices about printing order are checked. Check for duplicates should always be checked. Approval po’s and confirming orders should also check "Receive on approve." Once you approve the order, it is queued for printing.If you make a mistake and later go back to delete the order, you must put something in the orders basket to alert supervisors as to what happened to the order.

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